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gallery elRAiSE

Posted by – August 13, 2015

09 Gallery elRAiSE

03 Gallery elRAiSE

10 Gallery elRAiSE

07 Gallery elRAiSE

02 Gallery elRAiSE


08 Gallery elRAiSE

01 Gallery elRAiSE


Le GabyArmy

Posted by – July 18, 2015


MaisonGabyArmy copy


MaisonGabyArmy IPhone2


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Maison G.Army iphone 3
Ganesha Walls

SOUR iPhone

Ohh lalaaa”

Posted by – April 10, 2013

Hermès by Zim & Zou”

Posted by – February 13, 2013

theGUNTER.SACHScollection ***

Posted by – May 30, 2012

theGUNTER.SACHScollection **

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theGUNTER.SACHScollection *

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kaspia by ANDRE”

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title:Herman Melvill, mobydick”

Posted by – April 19, 2012

L.Vuitton x B.Achilleos

Posted by – December 6, 2011

Donatella Versace vs HM

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“Nique La Police!!!

Posted by – September 21, 2011

lightning striking

Posted by – September 6, 2011

Kate Moss PORTFOLiO & other Stories

Posted by – May 25, 2011

myREALhair, WAOOO OliViaa

Posted by – May 10, 2011

Co-Branding on Champs-Elysees (by LUDO)

Posted by – February 1, 2011

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Feiyue x André FE-LO!!!

Posted by – October 4, 2010

This pair of sneakers reminded me of some guilty parties I haven’t hanged with, LOVE 4 both!!! cYa sooon fellass…A

Logogistics by Touris

Posted by – September 28, 2010

Artist Statement:

Logo Touris mixes iconic landmarks and commercial logos. It features logos from the hundred most valuable brands.

The spectacle of advertising and popular culture creates secondary realities which we can share with others. Common literacy creates common identity. Rules of communication are determined by commercial media.

Iconic landmarks are symbols of local identity. How does this conflict with commercial brands appearing cloned around the globe? Post-Fordistic theory of all things starting to remind one another unpersonally and unhistorically, doesn’t strictly speaking apply to monumental architecture, which symbolizes values that are not generally considered as merchandise. For tourists these are nevertheless consumable commodities, available to outsiders as well. Stereotypes of cities, such as Paris, can be transferred and consumed everywhere. Identity is comprised of consuming. Resembling worm hole theory, consumption spectacle creates portals between collateral realities

via Wooster Collective.

Takashi Murakamis’ expose à Versailles

Posted by – September 20, 2010

this Video is specially 4 Clara Magain, I will upload a view of the whole retrospective, cheers…elRAiSE

YouTube – Takashi Murakami s’expose à Versailles.