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talent meets art (Jessica Dance)

Posted by – March 14, 2016

JessicaDance6 JessicaDance1 JessicaDance2 JessicaDance3 JessicaDance4 JessicaDance5

collotype-1856… today only at kyoto

Posted by – September 29, 2015

Collotype is an amazing printing technique, invented by a french man, Alphonse Pointevin in 1856. I did not know about it until I saw this video in Open Culture.

Imagine being the last one in this world to continue, what others have started before you.

Osamu Yamamoto is working for the printing company Benrido in Kyoto, Japan. He is in charge of the collotype – a technology almost extinct today.
He and his studio are working for the office of the Japanese Emperor, making copies and reprints of scrolls, paintings and letters, many centuries old. They are saving Japanese artworks and cultural heritage for the generations to come.

Collotype is a 150 year old printing process from Europe. Around a hundred years ago, it was the leading technology, every country had a great number of collotype studios. You quite possibly own something printed by collotype without knowing it.

In the last five years, the remaining collotype studios in Firenze, Italy and Leipzig, Germany, closed down their daily work. Now there are only two companies printing with collotype left in this world. Both are situated in Kyoto, with Benrido being the bigger studio and the only one which can print in color.
The quality of collotype prints can hardly be matched by today's printers, the colors are extremely endurant and stay vibrant for decades. It's a printing without relying on dots, hence it's almost 1:1 in resolution when compared to the original.

With prior appointment, you can visit the workshop of Benrido. They also offer collotype printed artworks and postcards at their shop in Kyoto.

Company Benrido

Soundtrack by Mario Kaoru Mevy:

(c) Fritz Schumann 2015


The collotype plate is made by coating a plate of glass or metal with a substrate composed of gelatin or other colloid and hardening it. Then it is coated with a thick coat of dichromated gelatine and dried carefully at a controlled temperature (a little over 50 degrees Celsius) so it ‘reticulates’ or breaks up into a finely grained pattern when washed later in approximately 16 °C water. The plate is then exposed in contact with the negative using an ultraviolet (UV) light source which changes the ability of the exposed gelatine to absorb water later. The plate is developed by carefully washing out the dichromate salt and dried without heat. The plate is left in a cool dry place to cure for 24 hours before using it to print.

To produce prints, the plate is dampened with a glycerine/water mixture which is slightly acidic, then blotted before inking with collotype ink using a leather or velvet roller. A hard finished paper such as Bristol, is then put on top of the plate and covered with a tympan before being printed typically using a hand proof press. Collotypes are printed using less pressure than is used in printing intaglio, or stone lithography. While it is possible to print by hand using a roller or brayer, an acceptable consistency of pressure and even distribution of ink is most effectively achieved using a press.

Here a bit more of technical info about the process…

gallery elRAiSE

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09 Gallery elRAiSE

03 Gallery elRAiSE

10 Gallery elRAiSE

07 Gallery elRAiSE

02 Gallery elRAiSE


08 Gallery elRAiSE

01 Gallery elRAiSE


Le GabyArmy

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MaisonGabyArmy copy


MaisonGabyArmy IPhone2


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Maison G.Army iphone 3
Ganesha Walls

SOUR iPhone


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Concept by Antonio Brasko

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keiichi tanaami”

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but does it float.


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L.Vuitton x B.Achilleos

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a surreal NiGHTCLUB

Posted by – November 23, 2011

The urban club consists of a large meet and greet entry area, sushi restaurant, sake bar, music lounge and two VIP lounges.

Pockets of unique intensities



Sushi restaurant

Sushi restaurant

Sushi restaurant

Sake bar

Sake bar


DJ booth

VIP room

9 Hours

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Good Morning with Takashi

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Dreaming with Takashi

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311 Scale

Posted by – July 26, 2011

Providing information about the Great East Japan Earthquake and the state of Japan today via an integrated visual language.
more info here:

Basic policy
1. No dramatization
2. No opinions
3. Communication that can be easily understood by people around the world
4. Maximum possible accuracy

Information provided here utilizes “Earthquake Hypocenter and Intensity Level Data Announced in Earthquake Reports (from March 11)*,” provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). This information is updated at each announcement from the JMA.
The information lists the maximum intensity level at the center of each of the areas listed in “Names of Areas Used in Emergency Earthquake Information and Intensity Bulletins*,” provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency.
The graph begins from intensity level 3, described as “Felt by most people in buildings.”
M 9.0 indicates a moment magnitude of 9.0 based on CMT analysis.
Intensity: The intensity levels shown here are from the Seismic Intensity Scale of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), and indicate the degree of ground shaking. This scale is composed of 10 levels (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 Upper, 6 Lower, 6 Upper, 7). The intensity is measured by seismic intensity meters and the results are announced by the JMA.
Reference sites: “Summary of Tables explaining the JMA Seismic Intensity Scale””Methods of Calculating Measured Earthquake Intensity*”
*These titles are original translations by NDC of the Japanese source titles.

Kate Moss PORTFOLiO & other Stories

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TDKビデオテープCM アンディ・ウォーホル

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氣志團 木更津グラフィティ

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WAOOO!!! voladisimoooooo!!!!


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A Tiny World that Captivates YOU!!!

TRON legacy x Medicom Toy!!!

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TRON fan? uhmmm

キングギドラ(KING GIDDRA) – スタア誕生

Posted by – October 29, 2010

YouTube – キングギドラ(KING GIDDRA) – スタア誕生.

ameraa domoooo ikuru waraaii denatka waraiii isiiikiiiriianyaaneeeii konojara a jaaadorokeuurjaanemmenitkeshoon runwasooo uiuuaaa  likee thatt




didn’t have to be like thaattt


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via The Japanese Popstars Feat. Green Velvet – Let Go on Vimeo.

Mickey as Madhatter!!!

Posted by – October 20, 2010

Medicom Toy vs Disney in this Surreal Dream of Walt & Lewis, 2 of a Kind.

Keiichi Taanami vs Phunk Studio (ufff….

Posted by – October 5, 2010

There is nothing I can say to describe this work, flawless, enJOY…A

via :phunk | Art & Design Collective.

Pentax x nanoblock “LEGO” RS1000+NB1000

Posted by – September 21, 2010

Pentax x nanoblock – Optio “LEGO” RS1000 + NB1000 Cameras |