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gallery elRAiSE

Posted by – August 13, 2015

09 Gallery elRAiSE

03 Gallery elRAiSE

10 Gallery elRAiSE

07 Gallery elRAiSE

02 Gallery elRAiSE


08 Gallery elRAiSE

01 Gallery elRAiSE


Le GabyArmy

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MaisonGabyArmy copy


MaisonGabyArmy IPhone2


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poolView JellyFiSH by WEiL ARETS Arquitects

Posted by – April 29, 2014

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Be wind, pass it on

Posted by – April 15, 2014

'Feel Flavour – A Sonic Poster'

Herb & Spice brand Schwartz is all about flavour. But how do you dramatise flavour when flavour is invisible and silent?

Simple: make it possible for people to see, hear and feel it. Print Tech collective, Novalia and ad agency Grey London have collaborated on an interactive poster that uses innovative ‘touch sensitive’ inks to turn the surface area of the paper into an interactive interface.

Illustrator Billie Jean was invited to create a visual articulation of what taste might look like. Each herb and spice depicted in the artwork was then assigned a musical chord matching its flavour characteristic. For example, cumin became E flat major, chilli was ascribed A flat major and fennel was characterised by a higher pitched F minor. The image was then back-printed with an innovative conductive ink, effectively giving the poster capacitive touch technology. When paired with a mobile device via Bluetooth, the poster becomes an interactive musical instrument.

The poster was created as part of a Schwartz promotion designed to target the retail trade.


Client: Schwartz
Creative Agency: Grey London
Chief Creative Officer: Nils Leonard
Creative Director: Andy Lockley
Art Directors: Andy Lockley / Andy Garnett
Copywriter: Dan Cole
Creative Producers: Georgie Moran / Lucy Dunn
Original Music: MJ Cole / Soho Music.
Sound design: Holly Clancey
Production Company: Grey Works
Producer: Becky Knapp
DOP: Bruno Downey
Print Production / software developer: Novalia


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DALEAST (street.artist)

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Bones Brigade” AutoBioGraPhy”

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i dig this sound a lot…

theGUNTER.SACHScollection Evening Auction”

Posted by – May 30, 2012

theGUNTER.SACHScollection ***

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theGUNTER.SACHScollection **

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theGUNTER.SACHScollection *

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Portraits Charity Project with ManchesterUTD

Posted by – May 3, 2012

Nothing is REAL” (waaaaoooooo)

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ALL CiTY Breakers (Sept 15th)

Posted by – September 6, 2011

Each set contains 20 highly detailed 2-inch b-boys and b-girls, plus a five boomboxes to keep things poppin’. You decide if winner takes all. Plastic-bagged with header cardboard top label, these packs keep it real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ULTra Pod Cars

Posted by – August 11, 2011

Used To Carry Passengers At London’s Heathrow Airport.


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roots rock & rockers

Posted by – June 2, 2011

theWEDDiNG (roYaL)

Posted by – May 25, 2011

After all the official formalities, Kate and William drove away in his father’s Seychelles blue Aston Martin Volante DB6 MKII which was converted recently to run on E85 bioethanol, made from English wine wastage. Prince Charles is a big environmental campaigner.

A nice touch.


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best of 2010 mix – Bleep DJ Competition

Posted by – February 14, 2011

Next thursday is the deadline for Bleep’s DJ Competition,
which has amazing prizes btw… would love to win it,
only with the help of people clicking on favorite,
that way the mix gets to finals and has a chance to be heard and selected!
Please share the link, thx!


The Wild Bunch (1985)

Posted by – December 2, 2010

Original Promo from Back in the Days, retro flavor with that innocent and semi minimal smoothness coming from Bristol 2 the UK & L8R 2the World.

Fresh Four Wishing on a Star

Posted by – December 2, 2010

One of the finest BPM!!!


Posted by – November 18, 2010

Space Invader Radio

‘The best little radio station in the Galaxy’

In 2004, upon closure of what was Eat the Beat (Bristol’s finest ever record shop) the DJ and producer collective born out of the shop spread out to the far reaches of space. Records were released independently of one another, and they still worked as DJs but never together. Until March 2008, When the Founders of the station tinkered around and found that it was relatively easy to transmit 130bpm squelchy bass noises across space. When a birthday bought them all back together, they unleashed their idea on the rest of the crew. They were back in business and the station was born.

Anyone who ever stepped into Eat the beat knew they were in the arms of a loving family. It was simply the friendliest record shop ever to open its doors. Never Exclusive always inclusive, music was listened to, loved, talked about, and laughed about and all over a brew. So now that love and that music policy are simply transmitted onto and out of the radio station. The DJs began by playing each other the records they loved, but very quickly they gathered like minded ears and the listener base has expanded ever since – like every good musical movement should….something from nothing. Each Member of the original crew had a musical speciality they could bring to the table, be that Disco, Drum and Bass, Breaks, Hip hop, Soul, funk, Reggae, or House, but add to that the new shows that have joined since its inception and its becoming a more phenomenal roster with every passing week.

So until you tune in keep watching the skies….and then keep it invader.

Team Invader 2009

Listen or download this mix…now!